#12 Understanding Trauma, Owning Your Pain, and Creating A New Narrative with Caleb Campbell


Have you ever considered if you live a life rooted in pain? Because we've all experienced it.

This week, I talked with Caleb Campbell about the trauma coaching he does. Caleb is a West Point Graduate, Former Army Officer and NFL Draft Pick. After self-destructing in the NFL, Caleb knew something had to change and that’s when he walked away from the NFL, moved to Canada, and went on a 7 year self discovery journey that transformed his life through the healing of his emotional trauma.

Caleb now spends his time traveling the country where he speaks at schools, conferences and churches as well as coaching his clients through the same process to personal freedom.

On this week's episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding how trauma can come in many forms

  • Deciding to own your path

  • How toxic masculinity can be passed down in a family

  • Realizing Narratives that don't serve you anymore and rewriting them

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