#14 The Power of Storytelling and Owning Your Narrative with Esteban Gast


This week's episode is all about storytelling with Esteban Gast. He is a funny guy; we laughed, we cried, and we shared some personal stories involving the jungles of Panama.

Esteban is a comedian, writer, speaker, and educator who is passionate about stories that create a better world. He is Colombian, grew up in Puerto Rico and Illinois, and currently lives in LA. He started touring as a comedian at the age of 23, taught creativity and design thinking at the college level, co-authored a book on creativity, and was president of a sustainability-focused institute in Panama. He was one of the stars of the tv show Jungletown, airing on VICELAND and has been profiled in WBEZ, Huffington Post, Brooklyn Magazine and others.

We talk all about:

  • Using humor to convey a message

  • The power of storytelling

  • Writing your story in existence

  • Connecting the dots looking back

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